professional learning communities

I have spent many weeks recently both reading and writing about how Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) can enhance the Pedagogical Leadership of a school as part of my Masters coursework project.At a professional learning session recently, colleagues and I discussed the structure of PLC’s and how beneficial they could be to our school. We had rich conversations about improving quality of education, through improving the quality of teachers through collaborative and shared practices.

The following is a video that was shared from the presenter, Jon Andrews, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning at St Paul’s College, Bald Hill, Qld.

Today, through the opportunity to engage in professional learning with my colleagues at school, where we collaboratively worked through developing e-portfolios, I was able to experience first hand and also reflect on how truly beneficial PLC’s are. We were able to engage in learning collaboratively and discussed ways in which e-portfolios could be used in our context.

If you are interested in reading more, some useful websites on PLC’s are:

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